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call from internet to mobile

Free Internet Calls

Recently I visit UAE and had to call the roaming country’s phone number but my sim didn’t have any outgoing over there in the foreign country. But still I was able to call over the Hotel WiFi only because of WhatsCall App, I had it verified and it was neatly able to call a local number over WiFi for me. So, here comes the WhatsCall review -an app which gives Free Worldwide calls over WiFi to any phone or mobile number.

Features of WhatsCall

WhatsCall ReadStudyLearn

  • WhatsCall lets you call any landline or mobile number over your WiFi or internet connection totally for free!.
  • It does so by charging you on WhatsCall credits which can be earned easily by using the WhatsCall app itself no money required!.
  • There are lots of easy ways to earn Free WhatsCall credits –
    • You get Free 1000 Credits on Signing-up & downloading the app –
    • Free 300 Credits to complete your profile.
    • You even get credits to Download apps, from the “Credits” section.
    • Watching Video ads gives you 50 credits.
    • and many other ways to earn credit from this app

Thus, it’s really one app which will be really handy, as it will help you to call online to offline phone in case you run out of balance / Talk-time.

How to place a free call via WhatsCall ?

www.readstudylearn.comSince I didn’t have the screenshots ready on my foreign trip, I tried to simulate and create the same scenario – Local offline phone calls over the internet using WiFi with Airplane mode on!

Now, since AirPlane mode ensured my phone won’t be receiving any signals, I connected to WhatsCall over the Internet using Wifi and then started calling from the dialing screen as shown below.

  • On the dial screen, as shown in this image – Select the Country which you want to call.
  • Type in the mobile number whom you want to call.
  • Press the call button.
  • That’s it! now wait for some time, until your call is magically connected over the internet connection to non-internet number, as shown in the below image.

Call Quality of the app is awesome: In fact, the normal mobile calls over Wifi sometimes show distortion on Docomo, but WhatsCall did a good job!. The Clarity depends on your internet connection, though, it requires a decent internet connection.

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