About us

About us

About Instructor & Author:

Imran Syed

RSL Tutor is under control and process by Mr. Imran Syed. The Founder of this platform and also running a software house.

Imran Syed is running that software house since 2015 and working with 100’s of clients with a lot of experience in Software development and Web development field.

Imran Syed is a software and website developer, an expert in these areas from the past 5 to 6 years. Imran Syed is also a CNS (Certified in Networking Solutions) and Computer Hardware Certified diploma holder. I have a lot of experience working in these areas if it’s possible we will also discuss the major diagnosing problem and solution regarding these fields of Information Technology.

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About RSL Tutor:

RSL Tutor is a platform, which provides a wide range of video tutorial courses in these languages:

  1. Urdu.
  2. Hindi.
  3. English.

There are hundreds of channels in this field that offer online study courses. In multi-languages. Most of them are providing a wide verity of courses. But we must assure the quality of work, speaking skills, development knowledge and also support you in every area of software and web developing and designing concerns.

We have created a course outline to display you for the time being. What is our goal and what we want to do in the upcoming future? as you can see in this picture.

We want to educate a large number of students in these areas of software engineering. As time passes we will also increase this list with multiple tutorial courses on this platform.

At last, we just need your support to promote our YouTube Channel and the social platforms with your friends in this manner we can establish our self for you faster and successfully. 

Why We Created RSL Tutor:

The biggest reason for creating this platform, my dream to educate millions of students online throughout the world. As I research there are hundreds of students who didn’t find a good solution for there software and web development career.
So we created a panel that is free to make them successful.

All of our video tutorial content is published on our Facebook page and YouTube Channel.

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