How to Get Free Wifi Password

How to Get Free Wifi Password

Let’s see how to get free WiFi password on Laptop and System using this amazing trick.

Due to my work in late 2016, I was traveling a lot abroad and I always go without internet subscription. So often I find myself lonely in a strange country without Internet and boring. With my cell phone and I need to have my WiFi password because I was connected to different WiFi devices with my laptop. Most of the time I forgot those WiFi passwords to remember.

Now this trick will help you to get the previous password from your laptop and your personal computer.

The problem seems to be that many computer operators don’t know how to connect their devices to WiFi. Smart Phones gets all up in your face, popping up a list of WiFi networks every time you wander into range, so it’s hard to ignore. But the computer doesn’t prompt you with a list of networks, even if your WiFi is on, so many people never actually connect to a network. If you’re lucky, you get a little exclamation point in your notification bar if there’s an unlocked network in range, but even then you have to make several clicks to connect to it.

It’s safe to say that if you are at home, you have a home WiFi network and you’re not connecting your Computer or phone to your WiFi network, you are doing it wrong.

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