Using This Trick You Can Hide WhatsApp Messenger Profile Picture From People

Using This Trick You Can Hide WhatsApp Messenger Profile Picture From People

WhatsApp Messenger is the user application in the android and iPhone application world. It’s launched in 2009 and with the popularity, there are new featured introduced. The number of applications increasing and now it becomes around 2 billion users so far. With its establishment, the mobile app has been unleashing crazy and new features. To improve user experience with WhatsApp Messenger statuses and video calling. Whatsapp has made lots of efforts to enhance the importance of this app. There are some more characteristics that some users are still demanding.

WhatsApp Messenger GB has overcharged by offering such options that are not available on the real version of WhatsApp. Hiding profile pictures from some contacts that are not available on real WhatsApp. freezing online and typing statuses, and hiding your last seen status are some of the options that are unavailable on real WhatsApp. By working on a few tricks you can get access to some of these options without installing an application.

While it’s not still easy to cover your profile picture from a selected contact. Not making it possible for each person to look at your WhatsApp Messenger profile feature isn’t such a lot of a nasty thing in any case. Besides, your privacy matters.

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Using This Trick You Can Hide Your WhatsApp Messenger Profile Picture From People

  1. Erase the contact of a person that you don’t want to see profile picture:
  • At first, you have to simply open the ‘Contacts’ option on your phone.
  • Find out the contact of a person from whom you want to hide your profile picture.
  • Delete the number of that person or totally erase the contact number from your cell phone.

To work on this procedure. Please make sure ‘Who can see my contacts‘ settings are set to ‘My contacts only‘.

2. Change your WhatsApp Messenger Privacy Settings:

  • On your cell phone open WhatsApp mobile messenger.
  • Press on the three dots in the top right corner of the app.
  • Go to the ‘Account’ option and select ‘Settings’.
  • Now you can go to ‘Privacy’ settings.
  • Press on the option ‘Profile photo’ and select the option ‘My contact’.

Note that, occasionally you might not want to erase some of your contacts. In an effort to hide the profile picture of your WhatsApp Messenger. Then you have to change your profile picture settings to ‘Nobody’. Unfortunately, this option will hide any of your profile pictures from anyone in your contact list.


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